December 07, 2022

Gyrum Technologies is a small technology company in Denver, Colorado. We provide custom programming services and write software applications and tools that we hope you will find useful. You can also find some of the tips and tricks that we have learned along the way--we've been doing software development since 1984 and have numerous successful projects under our belt.

Since I enjoy software development both as a career and a hobby, I don't have a lot of time to spend making this site (or my other ones) very pretty or flashy. My hope is to have a site that other programmers and end-users find useful.

In case you haven't noticed, the "we" above mostly means "me"--I do occasionally have assistance on some larger projects, but mostly like to tackle things solo or with the client's development staff.

I have amassed a bunch of helpful tools, utilities, tricks, shortcuts, and the like. I will attempt to get all (or at least most) of this stuff onto this site so that other programmers can benefit from them. Most of the stuff I have is in need of "prettying up" and additional comments. As time permits, I'll get it fixed and uploaded.

I am also working on a few products that will be offered for a minuscule fee. Can't tell you what they are at the moment because there are dozens of them in the works and I haven't decided which ones to make end-user ready at this point in time.

I need more time to work on this site....